Laser Treatment

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Our office currently has two specific dental lasers. The Waterlase is a pulse laser, which energizes a fine water spray in order to perform a variety of procedures from cavity preparation to gum surgery to relief of cold sores and apthous ulcers. Because it is energized water that is doing the work, the laser does not generate a lot of heat and is therefore relatively painless. Most of the procedures performed with the Waterlase can be done without the need for a dental anesthetic.

The Lasersmile is a continuous diode laser beam, which operates in a slightly different manner. The constant emission of laser energy allows us to perform more soft tissue procedures with amazing control and pinpoint accuracy. This laser is used for soft tissue procedures, debridement of periodontal pockets, and laser whitening. Our laser whitening allows us to dramatically whiten your teeth in less than one hour.

Summary of Benefits in most cases:

  • Pain free dental procedures
  • No novocaine injections and therefore no numb mouth
  • Gum procedures performed without bleeding
  • Maximum bond strength providing long lasting fillings
  • Cold sore and oral ulcer relief

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